Meet: Jonas Bergström

Jonas Bergström is our Product Manager, working in our Stockholm office. As a product manager, his main focus is making sure the products are state-of-the-art while constantly enhancing the product portfolio.

You started from the bottom, right?
Well, I did a degree project at Extenda, and then I got employed as a Project Manager. After that I moved on to the product sphere, with responsibility for the roadmap. Now, I’m Product Manager.

How come you stayed?
It’s exciting to see your company’s work used by successful retailers worldwide, understanding the finesse that looks basic to everyone else. And as a working environment, you’re empowered to think freely and new. I see great potential in the company, and believe we have a bright future ahead.

Why is that?
We have an entrepreneurial environment where employees understand business and want the company to succeed. I feel that we have have stronger feelings for the company than in many other places. It helps that our work environment is inspiring, and that standing up for your beliefs is rewarded.

How do you keep such a spirit while expanding internationally?
The work is all about making our products relevant in the middle of this changing world, with e-commerce coming strongly. The spirit lays in all the fun we have, even though the variables can look dull from an outside perspective. We put our heart and soul in what we do.

How come?
Well, we’re contenders, challenging a quite conservative industry. Many of our competitors have a hardware focus, while our focus is more narrow and filled with ambition.

What makes Extenda stand out?
Even though we are a product company we like to see ourselves as a consulting partner to our customers rather than a supplier. The close collaboration we have with our customers allows us to focus on the right things where we together question the value and purpose of identified or requested features and functions.