Meet: Marcus Ronélius

Marcus Ronélius is an Application Consultant, working in our Gothenburg office. His primary role is working in implementation projects analyzing business needs, which aims to create sustainable solutions accordingly. Marcus is currently working in various projects for H&M.

How did you end up at Extenda?
Bit of a coincidence really. I was looking for a job in 2011, and started as a consultant. But the family-like atmosphere appealed to me and I was employed within 3-4 months.

And now you’re an Application Consultant.
Yes, I started out working with application support and maintenance, focusing on our java product, which was a smaller part of the business back then. When the java product grew, I had a unique competence leading me to a new role as Technical Account Manager. After a few years working in that role, my primary focus now is requirements and configuration.

Is it easy to climb the ladder at Extenda?
As long as you have the will, there is a way to affect and influence the work. At Extenda, ambition pays off and you can make a big difference for the customer and the consumer.

So it’s every employee for him or her self?
It’s definitely important to make yourself heard, but our team spirit is something out of the ordinary. The feeling of being backed up by every colleague, and representing Extenda as a whole, is very reassuring when meeting customers.

Any thoughts on the future?
We’re far ahead of the competition regarding flexibility, and keep the feeling of being almost like a family business as we’re expanding. We create great value and my ambition is to deliver solutions I can stand behind with pride. Looking forward, I think we will be able to do just that.