Successful Nordic rollout at Byggmax stores

Extenda Retail has after a successful project been deployed in all Byggmax stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The new version also includes a fully integrated invoice Add-on from Collector.

Erik Börjessen, Head of IT at Byggmax, summarize the project:

“Closing project of upgrading Byggmax cash register system from old Delphi platform to Extendas modern Java-based platform including support for third-party integrations through the Extenda Add-on module. During several years Byggmax and Extenda has continuously implemented new features and at the same time slowly upgrading all cash register systems in all countries to a unified Java-based platform. The final country, Norway, was upgraded in December 2015. This marks a milestone for Byggmax Point of Sales operations and creates a unified platform to implement new features on with more ease and stability. In the last version Byggmax also added brand new functionality based on Extenda Add-on together with Collector Bank AB to offer all customer a modern invoice solution. “