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The Extenda Retail product suite can easily be adapted to your business needs and create the best possible consumer experience. We enable differentiation through highly configurable and modular products with standard interfaces, ideal for integration to external systems and adaptations of functionality. The Extenda Retail Transaction Engine is designed for use across different sales channels and consumer touch points. All generated transactions are collected in a central transaction repository, which serves as a single point of integration.

Product Suite

Transaction Engine

Extenda Retail uses the same underlying transaction engine in all sales channels and consumer touch points. This allows you as a retailer to re-use functionality and thereby get a unified and seamless consumer experience at all touch points. The sales transactions can also be shared and moved across sales channels. The transaction engine is exposed through a standard interface to enable quick development of new touch points and makes it possible to reuse the business logic on your e-commerce site.


The POS product is a rich and platform independent client which enables high checkout speed and key functionalities in an offline mode to ensure business continuity. It offers customer service for both fashion and food retailers with store sizes ranging from small boutiques to hypermarkets.

Mobile Selfscan

Extenda Retail’s personal shopper system offers the consumer increased convenience and un-paralleled checkout speed. As a retailer you are able to integrate your branded smartphone app and offer self-scanning via the customer’s mobile phone to increase consumer interaction and loyalty. By using the Extenda Retail Transaction Engine the consumer will experience the same consistent behaviour as in all other touch points. Its scaling capabilities have been proven in one of the world’s largest implementations.

Mobile POS

The Extenda Mobile POS iPhone app allows you as a retailer to complete a full sales transaction by the fitting room, or any other location convenient for the consumer. You can quickly increase checkout capacity without losing precious floor space or easily open up a pop-up store with minimum infrastructure and installation effort. It communicates with a locally or centrally installed Transaction Engine over Wi-Fi or 3G.

Self Checkout

The Extenda Retail Self Checkout challenges existing proprietary systems by offering a hardware independent solution with a radically simplified and intuitive user interface. By using the Extenda Transaction Engine it offers an enhanced consumer experience – consistent across different consumer touch points. Attendants can remotely monitor and interact with the Self Checkouts through an easy-to-use tablet application.

Central Office

The Extenda Retail Centraloffice provides a central transaction repository and a single point-of-integration to the retailer’s back-end systems. It gives you access to all your sales transaction data in real-time with full traceability.

Centraloffice Centralview gives head quarter staff the ability to manage the business configuration of the stores and thereby easily administrate and instantly adopt chain policies in your sales channels.

Centraloffice Storeview provides a light-weight back office for store staff to get operational reports, manage in-store accounting and other store administrative processes.

Add on instead
of locking in

One of the core values of the Extenda Retail Product Suite is our compatibility within the retail eco-system. By offering standardized integrations to complementary leading retail solutions in the market, we add on instead of locking in, creating a greater whole. Today, Extenda offers add-on integration for innovative solutions, including mobile payment, loyalty systems, gift cards, digital receipts, and more. The add-on concept is constantly evolving, and we’re always on the lookout for products that bring substantial value to our retailers.

Service & Maintenance

Extenda’s portfolio of services aims to bring simplicity into business changes and deliver uncompromised stability in operations.


The Extenda support team are experts in the Extenda Retail Product Suite as well as customer application adaptations and external integrations. With extensive knowledge and experience of store operations and support, our team can quickly restore agreed service back to normal operations or respond to service requests. Through our ITIL based services, the team efficiently interacts with all key stakeholders and drives continuous process improvements.


Extenda has 30+ years of experience in delivering business critical Point-of-Sales projects, ranging from minor enhancements to large, global delivery programs. To ensure stable, efficient and qualitative customer solution deliveries, Extenda utilizes a common delivery framework fitted for different types of customers, situations and partner collaboration models. Extenda’s delivery model is adhering to Tieto’s PPS model, with additional details, to suit the needs of our deliveries and customers.


The application maintenance team is responsible for supporting operations with problem management as well as corrections of known errors according to agreed service levels. All processes within the service are aligned with ITIL to ensure an efficient, qualitative delivery and compatibility with other parties.

Catalogue Services

To formalize best practices, and to simplify the day-to-day IT operations, Extenda has developed a catalogue of packed services. These services address the retailer’s recurring needs and simplify the call-off process.